Your Crowning Achievement

Are you asking "What's a crone?" and not particularly liking the sound of the word? Well, you're not alone. Many of us feel that way until we better understand what it means to be a crone. I hope that coming to Wise Women will be the start of a journey that inspires you to learn more about the crone, sometimes known as the wisewoman. I encourage all women to embrace the notion that to be a crone is a crowning achievement in our lives, worth celebrating, and to wear our crowns with pride!

Truth be told, I only became aware of the "crone" word several months before my fiftieth birthday when I began doing research on ceremonies that honor this rite of passage. Simply speaking, a woman enters the crone phase when she has passed her child bearing years. However, the designation also refers to a perspective on life or philosophical point of view rather than just age or a biological change.

You've probably heard the cliche,replica watches "Life isn't about the destination but about the journey." These words have never taken on more profound meaning than in my crone years. Life is more about a continuous journey of experiences, lifelong learning and growth, both spiritual and human. The crone is a woman that is gracefully adapting to the process of aging. She quietly inspires others. She is comfortable in her own skin and with her spirituality. Her intuitive and creative powers are pronounced. But what really sets the crone apart is that she embodies a passion to explore meaning in her life; and she exemplifies an unselfish willingness to share her honesty, knowledge, wisdom, love, and compassion.


The Divine New Crone

Women who have reached their fiftieth birthday milestone over the last two decades and the current wave of baby boomers have had incredible professional and personal opportunities. More than ever before, we are exploring our spiritual consciousness through spiritual quests, books, and workshops. Additionally, we are seeking support and affirmation through the formation of spiritually-based women's circles whose mission is to make a difference in the world. As a result of our work individually and collectively, I believe there will be a massive, positive energy surge from these women over the next several years. It is undeniable that these generations of women have the opportunity to bring back the honored status befitting the crone: we are brilliant, beautiful, extraordinary, and amazing wisewomen!

Crones, it's up to us to stop in its tracks the negative stereotypes that aging has and redefine it to be the positive experience it is. I like to say it should be about Pro-Aging vs. Anti-Aging. It should be about gaining wisdom vs. losing our wits. Rather than turning a blind eye to the attributes of aging, decide to embrace the miracle that is your life! Come on, invite your cronies to your own croning ceremony and celebrate!

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