Midlife Musings: Creative Croning Ceremonies
by June Hill, Founder of Wise Women

  • Twenty unique and fun ways to celebrate and honor the crone.
  • A template for an invitation letter you can send to your cronies to kick off your croning ceremony.
  • A simple croning ceremony to follow, including beautiful blessings to recite.
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Books: Growing in Spirit

Allow me to recommend some favorite books that helped me acknowledge the wisewoman in myself. I've found them to be written by inspiring teachers, and whose words and insights helped transform my life. Please note that you're directed to amazon.com for information and purchase.

Ceremonial Offerings

In my book,Audemars Piguet Replica I describe a simple croning ceremony and refer to items that enhance the ceremony. Below are some recommendations. Note that you'll be redirected to amazon.com for information and purchase.

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