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A Croning Ceremony – Friendship & Nurture:
"Just shy of 55, I wanted to spend my birthday weekend with friends who had been with me on my spiritual journey called Life. There were four of us. The guests were: a “Crone Czarina” (she’d done this sort of thing before), a Shaman (in training), a Spiritual Seeker, and me, the new Crone. The focus was simple and, as I see it, the basis of life: nurture, support, and growth. Our activities began with a dinner. We shopped, cooked and ate a wonderful meal together with an Altar of Gratitude by our table. Each of us placed a photo of someone who had nurtured us. We shared our stories, reliving those memories and invoking the presence of those we loved. I did mention that it was my birthday, so there was wine and gifts! One friend gave me dragonfly earrings, another gave me a card with a dragonfly on it, and the last gave me a book with a photo that had a dragonfly in it! Did they discuss this? No. Clearly there was a magical synchronicity here (and there was more to come…). The next day we did a drumming circle under the guidance of our Shaman sister, and called to our spirit guides to join us. Then we trooped out to the yard to erect a wrought iron trellis. I plan to plant a vine in each corner next spring representing each of us growing together. As we finished anchoring the trellis and stood back to admire our work, a dragonfly landed on the trellis and stayed with us for a visit. We saw it as a blessing in disguise. Truly amazing!"
~ Diane, Citrus Heights, CA

The Kitchen Table
"June, I got your book in the mail today, and have already read it. Wow! I enjoyed every word. I hope you have at least one more book in the works, and others in the wings still brewing around waiting for the moment to be written. I enjoyed the last chapter “The Proverbial Kitchen Table”. My grandmother was 42 when my Mom was born, and Mom was 27 when I was adopted. So all the women in my family were so much older, but one thing my Mom did insist upon was to have a “kitchen table.” Every night, Mom, Dad, my brother and myself ate dinner at that table and discussed our day, our feelings, our friends, everything! To this day, whenever I go home, that’s where Mom and I hang out, drinking coffee, and talking. Thank you for bringing so many ideas and feelings to life."
~ Sherri, El Dorado, CA

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